Teen Pregnancy: Glamorous Or Careless

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Teenage Pregnancy: glamorous or careless.. Previous studies such as the Indiana University surveyed 185 high school students came to a conclusion that any viewers who recently viewed 16 and Pregnant and Teen mom thought that teen moms had lots of time on their hands, Can find a babysitter, daycare easily, will graduate, have a place to live, and have enough money for medical. Lesly R. Craft who is a professor found that to reduce teen pregnancies, schools should offer available prevention programs-- Comprehensive sex education. Indiana University also found that teens should have askable adults around-- adults who teens can find easily approachable. They found that teens whose parents spoke with them about the education of sex and the outcomes…show more content…
The television show 16 and Pregnant promotes teen pregnancy because it shows that being a teen mom is acceptable in today’s society, makes teen pregnancy seem easy or glamorous, and causes teen girls to think that is the best way to get attention. “Which could cause mental health problems, and a bad relationship with family.” “Many researchers have found many theories such as Nicole Martins who is a researcher found that a reason many young teens are making these choices so they can get attention.” Martins and many other researchers think the outcome of that is because some of the teens who appeared in the shows end up becoming famous. Which they are role models to other teens so that gives them the outcome to think that’s how you can easily get attention. “Also it doesn’t help that one of the teen moms, Farrah Abraham, numerous times on the cover of the Us weekly for all the work she’s done to change her body such as plastic surgery.” A typical teen mom living in this world wouldn’t be able to afford that. A lot of teen mom’s end up on welfare. Initial pregnancies can…show more content…
Research has proven that 40% of teen mothers graduate highschool and families started are poor and on welfare. Reality shows such as 16 and Pregnant and Teen mom gives teens the false reality that having a baby will make their lives better. The show should be taken off air because of all the reasons it’s giving teens to think that behavior is okay. But society needs to do more than just taking it off the air and not supporting it. Society could also help support and get schools to offer prevention programs to allow less time on teens hands and allow to have more askable adults around for teens. If society did all of that such as The Prevention Program and having askable adults around would allow teens to feel more safe and comfortable with talking about things and any questions they may have so they don't take it up in their own hands and make the wrong

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