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Meiyou Yue Term paper: Juno Juno is a 2007 comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman, which conveys a story about the girl Juno (Ellen Page) who, at the age of 16, confronted with an unplanned pregnancy, makes different choices to continue being liberated and in charge of her life. It was a very low budget ($6.5 million), yet incredibly successful film, which had 3 indications for Golden Globe and 4 indications for Oscar. One of the most important implicit meaning of the film was that life can be hard, but we should embrace it with every hurdle that we have to jump over. And sometimes during hard lifetimes, a simple smile or laugh can change everything. Through Reitman’s brilliant use of cinematic techniques especially sound, narration…show more content…
Sound-wise, the film has more realistic sounds than exaggerated or unexpected ones. However, some of the realistic sounds are intensified a little just like the example above where Juno hears all the fingernail sounds. Sometimes the realistic sounds are made absent all together, and replaced with some music to manipulate the audience’s mood. For instance, when Juno was giving birth to her child, there was no sounds of labor at all. Instead, a soft music and voice over narration was there to create a sense of awe and wonder, which serves the meaning of the story—Juno’s decision to keep the baby and her courage to embrace her difficulties in life is admirable. This effect on the audience would have been lost if the scene included the realistic sounds of moaning, groaning, screaming, coaching and finally, a newborns first cry. The range of narration in Juno is restricted because we only know part of the information in the film. For example, we didn’t know that the relationship between Vanessa and Mark was not as perfect as it seems in the scene when Juno and her father first meet them. So the restricted narration limits the information Juno provides viewers to Juno’s perspective. However, the narration is not entirely restricted to one…show more content…
At the very beginning she commented how she feels when she sees the boys running in the morning, which was diegetic narration. Here the film uses mental subjectivity to allow the viewers go into the character’s mind and share some emotion with her. Other times in the film, we see perceptual subjectivity. An example would be the scene at the women abortion center, where Juno hears and sees all kinds of different noises coming from people’s fingernails. This way, the film also takes the audience to experience what Juno is experiencing and thus creates a strong bond between the audience and Juno. In the film we see how Juno go through different events and how she reacts to them, however, it is only through her personal narration that we know how she really feels and thinks. It is through these narration techniques that we develop a strong connection with her as a character. We begin to understand her more and more and by the end of the film we feel like we have been there with her every step on the way. Thus the film succeeds in conveying it’s various meanings including the message that we should all try to embrace life’s difficulties and have the courage to make up decisions to follow our

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