Responsible Parenting License Essay

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Three out of ten teenage girls are statistically predicted to become a victim of teenage pregnancy, resulting in nearly 750,000 pregnancies a year. Many people are unprepared to parent, and having children is a decision that isn’t always thoroughly thought out. In some cases pregnancy occurs by accident, and people choose to bring life into the world knowing that they are incapable of taking care of it and assuming that teachers, government services, and family will pitch in and do the job for them. Many people have no business in raising children; They lack the financial, emotional, or psychological resources. However, parents might be more reverent towards their mandatory responsibilities if they were required to earn the privilege of raising…show more content…
If a parenting license existed, people would be required to graduate a certified and a high school course on infant development. The course or test given would be created by experienced and successful parents, teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, family counselors, police officers, etc. Like a driver’s license, a test score of 80% and a signed, legal document agreeing to refrain from child abuse and neglect would be essential to pass the course and receive the license. Even if licenses were not mandatory, child development classes should be part of the basic curriculum taught in all schools to all kids. But honestly, can adequate parenting skills be taught? Or more importantly, can inadequate parenting skills be overcome by a simple course in child development? Can we teach someone not to abuse their kids? Can we teach parents to love their kids? Just what would taking a course for the license ensure anyway? Just what would it teach? There will be people who will always be poor parents regardless of how much guidance you give them. You are never fully prepared to have children. No matter what you do you can never really be ready for taking care of a human

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