Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drama Therapy

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Introduction Drama Therapy and Story making could engage students with learning disabilities quite effectively and actively in the learning process. Stories are used therapeutically within the context of drama therapy but also need to be compatible with the learning environment. Story sessions can address issues of self-esteem and self-mastery while they could be an effective tool for building social and communication skills. Story boards are a big method to boost learning experiences. A story board is a figure synopsis of the story. Students with special autism can advantage from the pictures and the sequence of story. The storyboard For many students with autism, the physical, active elements of the session provide fun and the repetitious elements provide…show more content…
• Storyboard is a technique of prewriting that associates a child’s talent of drawing with their capacity to tell and write their own stories. • Activities of Storyboard we can be done individually, in pairs, or even in small groups. • Students will study about how to make a story and show their view or opinions. • Storyboards assist students to organize the events in their stories in the proper structure Some methods storyboards can be used for studying:  Science: we can use visualize various theories about everything from the Big Bang to the trajectory of a catapult.  History: Storyboard popular events to assist students to remind information of a period in history and location them on a timeline.  We can use for any topic that need to students to memorize gradual processes or visualize ideas that are complicated for example life science or technology.  Storyboarding can be a big assist in paper writing, presentation, or story

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