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It's all about quality. Nowadays, in the modern globalized society with millions of goods and the variants of them, quality plays one of the main roles in creating the goods and buying them. Companies invest billions of dollars into creating new technologies, researches, and ideas in order to improve their products and create new ones with a better quality. Customers spend time and higher amounts of money to find not a just a product they need, but a high-quality product which they are sure will be used for a longer time and with better efficiency. By now, everyone talks about quality and its importance and this question is among top priorities for both- customers and manufacturers. In the following parts, I will discuss the definition and…show more content…
In an open, globalized and free world economy, quality helps to win customers and move services together with products on a new, higher level. In order to create something new and great with a higher quality than ever before, new ideas and technologies are needed. The stimulation of innovation by the great desire of achieving the higher quality in every sphere of the every day life of people made the world as it is today. Today, when businesses work mostly for solving the everyday people's problems, the easiest, most creative and most efficient solutions are considered the ones with the highest quality of services/products. As of my point of view, today's system of business operating is possible to compare with craftsmen work in 13-19th centuries. As back in those days, they have marked own products with special quality sign that had an effect on the reputation of the manufacturer, today businesses put the ISO standard's names that influence the reputation of the brand. The standard is: "A standard is a document that provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose." ISO International Standards are created to ensure clients that the product is not harmful and safe for the usage. The license is given to those products which meet all the requirements of the standards and have successfully passed the…show more content…
Not just the cars, clothes or houses should be high- quality made, but also food, medicine, services, etc. The boom of creativity and opportunities has begun at the moment when people understood that everything in their lives should be of a high quality. Nevertheless, the meaning of quality for businesses and customers are somewhat different. Quality for business is not only manufacturing a high-quality product and inspection if it, it is more of a high-quality organizational processes that lead to the high-quality results. For customers quality is about something that meets all of their requirements, can make their lives easier in a long-term and will be quite efficient in using. If Businesses are focused on a high-quality results, they should have enough resources to make something that exceeds expectations, constantly learn their target customers in order to satisfy all the needs and make each process of the product creation a high-quality one. Today, in the world of the high quality, it became possible what was impossible yesterday. It gave wings to creativity and technology. Quality is something that changes the world constantly and will be changing it in the

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