Reasons For Child Trafficking In Assam

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BASIC REASONS FOR CHILD TRAFFICKING IN ASSAM There are so many reasons which are more or less likely to attributable with the fact of child trafficking in the states of Assam. Among those reasons following are found to be the basic reasons so that the Assam became hub of child trafficking: 1. Acute poverty 2. Unemployment 3. Ethnic conflict 4. Forced migration 5. Gender inequality 6. Child marriage 7. Natural disaster 8. Insurgency 9. Illiteracy 10. Lack of awareness about child rights 11. Lack of development 12. Inadequate legislation and weak law enforcement From the research work and study from various sources some other attributable factors are also come to light which are behind the child trafficking in the state. Those factors…show more content…
Assam continued to be the 3rd largest producer of Petroleum and natural gas in India. Beside that the state is the world's largest tea-growing region. Despite that one third families in Assam lives below the poverty line. In Assam 31.98% population are living under bellow poverty line with monthly per capita income of Rs. 828/ for rural areas and Rs. 1,008/ for urban areas. As per the data 33.89 % people in rural areas total 92.06 lakh and 20.49 % in the urban areas total 9.21 lakh people are living under BPL category in the state. Percentage of population under BPL category in Assam is the third highest among the seven north-eastern States and eighth highest among all the States and Union Territories in India. In comparison, the position of Meghalaya and Tripura is far better than the state of Assam with 11.87% and 14.05%…show more content…
Taking privilege of the situation the trafficker used to lured the children in various ways to exploited them. Parents of some under developed areas and poor background often sell their children into some form of debt bondage either as domestic labor, forged marriages or prostitution. In Assam mostly trafficking prone districts are Barpeta, Bonggaigoan, Dhubri, Kokhrajhar, Kamrup, and Nalbari, Darrang etc. which are economically backward district in comparison to other parts of the state. Further, underdeveloped char areas in the district of Barpeta, Darrang, Dhubri, Goalpara, and slum areas of Guwahati like Pandu and Hatigaon, are the major places of child

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