Moral Panics

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Question #1 Moral panics are negative events that invade the society and are usually seen as inherently or morally wrong. They are not accepted in the society and many organizations are formed to ban them. Throughout history to now, there are different cases of moral panics. Most of these panics affect and target individuals on a daily basis. Today’s explicit rap music, video games, and even bullying have become huge moral panics for the society now. Bullying has always existed, however, the method and seriousness of bullying has increased dramatically over time. Cyberbullying is one of the most troubling and disruptive crimes of our society now. The advancement of technology has definitely enforced a huge impact on cyberbullying.…show more content…
Cyberbullying involves bullying using technology. It includes bullying in emails, text messages, social sites, and so on. While schools promotes the concept of “zero tolerance of bullying” it is still very present and disturb the mentality of juveniles every day. Cyberbullying has become such a major strife that there is a debate between “traditional bullying” and cyberbullying. Which one proves to be worse and cause more harm? According to the American Psychological Association (2012), “traditional in-person bullying is far more common than cyberbullying among today’s youth and should be the primary focus of prevention programs.” However, cyberbullying gives access to embarrass an individual in front of a wide range of people repeatedly and effortlessly. Cyberbullying influence children in many different ways. It cause some juveniles to result in skipping school to avoid people from the internet and the bully, which is a form of negative reinforcement. Children may also join gangs because they need protection or to feel a sense of belonging. Juveniles joining gangs is a very common form of juvenile delinquency. When children become involved in gangs, they participate in many other unlawful or delinquent…show more content…
Suicide is a horrible endeavor many young people result in to avoid the pain that bullying causes. According to the Bullying Statistics (2013), “suicide is the third leading cause of death among juveniles.” Suicide from cyberbullying is steady increasing and has become one of the most major moral panics of our time. There are many suicide cases that support why bullying is a terrible obstacle to face. There was a cyberbullying case that later lead to suicide by a boy by the name of Ryan Halligan. He was a special education student and his schoolmates ridiculed him every day at school. One day, a girl from his school pretended to be his friend. He confided a secret to his “friend” that he was gay. She posted personal text messages from Ryan online stating that he was gay, resulting in his classmates teasing and taunting him. Ryan hung himself to relieve himself from the torture he was experiencing. Cyberbullying has serious consequences that leads to homicides, suicides, and other cruel crimes. The awareness of this moral panic has spread and many organizations are being created to prevent and deter this delinquent and criminal behavior among

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