Ineffectiveness In A Virtual Team

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The coming of globalization has changed the way people do business. As competition increases, it leads to online offices (Jang, 2013, p. 73). A trend called a virtual team, where workers connected with the latest technology in different remote locations, it could be national or international. In virtual groups, communication is carried out electronically through various means such as conference meeting, training, chatting via Skype. The network group creates an opportunity to have access to international talent also, outsourcing expertise to different locations. Regardless of the team’s culture, language and country of origin, they work together as the virtual team to operate the company. The group shares ideas, values, goals and objectives…show more content…
Responsibility brings the energy the teams needs for daily activities (Zofi, 2011, p. 98). Any virtual member that lacks trust in collaborating with co-workers, there is the tendency of ineffectiveness in the group. Having confidence in co-workers is a huge concept of the core in peoples' interactions, it can build trust over time (Zofi, 2011, p. 98). Without faith, couples would not fall in love, and teams cannot work together to achieve the same goal. For example, football players trust each other before they pass a ball to a team member. It is an essential concept to a successful relationship. Team members can create trust once they know members are reliable and trustworthy in a virtual setting (2011). Trust is essential in a virtual environment because it is not a face-to-face setup. Where members can interact…show more content…
In reducing members information overload, investing in online resources such as Apps for business is ideal for training, tutorials a better idea to reduce workload. Dropbox is an individual tool used to share a video on laptops, mobiles and desktop anywhere with an internet connection. The team need access to 24 hours internet and speed search engine that will reduce traffics. An example, search engines like Google, they pay more attention to connection speed. Team members can quickly do their task and send emails if the internet connection is fast and stress-free. Pinola (2015), stated that using the best filters can be less stressful. Providing the team with a search engine that are quick and accessible to find information can reduce the build up of passing information out or receiving. The number of emails coming in may be too many to handle, relevant and useful information need daily priority. Also, provide the team with enough working tools that are functioning and in great shape. For instances, offer a router for speed up connection especially those in remote places with slower internet. The workflow could be slow and inefficient due to the internet connection. On the other hand, make sure employee filter their messages for easy access (Pinola, 2015). For example, separate old messages from new ones. When many information comes in through the mail, it becomes difficult for the

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