Carbon Cycle Process

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Land and Marine Carbon Cycle Process. To begin with, our body consists about 18% of carbon. Carbon is one of the reasons why we exist, physically and without carbon, we wouldn't have plasma membranes of our cells which protects the cells from its surrounding and is the sugar molecules we use to fuel. Carbon is an essential component of life and it is found everywhere on earth. Living organisms such as plants and animals are made up of carbon. It is also stored in the atmosphere, in the ocean and as well as the crust of our planet. However, on land, plants remove carbon through the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process which plants make their own food. The process of photosynthesis requires carbon along with the sun…show more content…
The addition of carbon is when carbon is released through living organisms respiring or excreting, burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and it travels into the atmosphere to be stored for a short period of time.) which causes higher levels of atmospheric CO2 and now this leads to the carbon cycle. Carbon is important and essential to all living organisms and mainly economically. Photosynthetic organisms consume carbon through food chains then is released through respiration. When a living organism respires, carbon is released which adds on to the addition of carbon. Respiration is important to all living beings, it is needed to help us to breathe. We need oxygen to breathe and we breathe out carbon dioxide. Trees absorb carbon and gives us oxygen for us to respire, but unfortunately, the trees are being cut down (deforestation) for human wants or needs and this causes more carbon to be stored in the atmosphere. So much carbon is produced that the atmosphere contains most of carbon which now leads to the topic, Global Warming. The ozone layer (which this layer protects us from the extreme heat from the sun) has been damaged due to severe carbon emissions. As we know, carbon is found in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases form a layer which traps heat into the atmosphere. For the last 2 decades, we…show more content…
It is also a major factor for us humans in our everyday lives. Because of excessive carbon emissions in the atmosphere, we humans should be responsible to reduce our carbon footprints. This can be done by planting and replacing trees, people should be encouraged to use public transports so that we don’t overpopulate cars on our roads hence reducing carbon emissions. Smokes from factories has already heavily polluted our air and can be seen and felt around us (example china and india are the major culprits) that it has become essential to reduce the amount of existing factories. The atmosphere needs a major cleanup or soon as sea levels are rising dramatically and lands are submerged, therefore less land is left to live on which will affect our upcoming future

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