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A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies “...there have been above twelve million souls-- men, women, and children-- killed tyranny and unjustly, on account of the tyrannical actions and infernal works of Christians…” (Las Casas 7) The image above is a mural of large pair of hands and arms that binded with tree roots in the arms. One literal meaning of roots is “the basic cause, source, or origin of something.” I used this image in connection to A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies to symbolize life, growth and the creation of things by man more specifically connecting to the Native Americans; it can also represent the destruction of things by human force on the Spaniards’ behalf in destroying their population. In this…show more content…
Their initial mission was have the native people convert to their religion, Christianity, because they felt as though they should believe and worship the same god. As time went on the Spaniards lived in greed and killed the Indies because they had the tools and opportunity to do so. Las Casas did not agree with their behavior. It broke the rules of morality, even more so, Christianity concluding in the Spaniards abandoning their duties of faith. The lives of the Native Americans were at the palms of their hands. With the amount of technology that the Spaniards possesed versus the meek amount that the Indians had, the Indians automatically lost every fight. These people no longer had the goal to convert others of the New World. Lore and culture serve as reminders of the rich relationship between human thought and the forest world; the image serves a purpose in representing both fruitful riches that the Indians had and destruction of the potential relationship that could have been attained. All the Spaniards wanted was the nutritious food, riches and land that the Natives possessed. The Spaniards did not hesitate any moment to slay another human. By captioning the image this way, I hope to give the

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