Essay On Arms Race

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The first modern arms race took place when France and Russia challenged the naval superiority of Britain in the late nineteenth century. Germany’s attempt to exceed Britain’s fleet spilled over into World War I, while tensions after the war between the United States, Britain and Japan resulted in the first major arms-limitation treaty at the Washington Conference. Arms race as the separate concept appeared at the end of the 19th at the beginning of the 20th century .In the 20th century arms race between the USSR and the USA played one of the dominant roles in the fall of the USSR. The beginning of the arms race was primarily connected with nuclear weapon. As it is known, at the end of the World War II United Stated appeared to be the only…show more content…
Armed conflict and the constant threat of war or terrorism have become both the cause of and response to this growing arm race. Introduction Arms race a pattern of competitive acquisition of military capability between two or more countries. The term is often used to refer to any military buildup or spending increases by a group of countries. This definition requires that there be a competitive nature to this buildup, often reflecting an adversarial relationship. Arm race is a race between nations to build more powerful weapons .An arms race denotes a rapid, competitive increase in the quantity or quality of instruments of military or naval power by rival states in peacetime. . It refers to the rivalry and competition in the most science-driven and technologically complicated field of economy in the military industry. Dominance in this field had always been the key goal of the countries and armies which were aspiring geo-political goals. Arms race includes development of new systems and implementation of innovations. It appears to be the race of battleships, weapon systems, airplanes, nuclear weapon and
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