Sinopec Group Organizational Structure

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In this report, Sinopec Group is chosen to be the Chinese organisation for the topic discussion. This is mainly because petroleum and petrochemical are involved in our daily lives. It ranges from generating electricity, production of medicines, food and plastics to the causes of pollution, oil spills, etc. Each product has its impacts on the global economy positively as well as negatively. Through this report, we will be able to gain a better insight of Sinopec Group’s organisational structure, business operation and the lessons that can be learned from the organisation. 2. Background of Sinopec Group Established in July 1998, Sinopec Group, formerly known as China PetroChemical Corporation, is one of the largest oil and gas players in China.…show more content…
This structure enables the functional areas to align with the divisional areas within Sinopec Corporation. This structure not only enhances the consistency between the different departments and project through better communications but also integrate the specialized and functional knowledge into the various projects. It also enables the flexibility for the switching of emphasis between divisional and functional aspects. However, this structure may cause stress and anxiety in the organisation as people are being assigned to report for more than one role. This structure may also lower the performance of Sinopec Corporation if the balancing of power between the divisions and functional areas is inconsistent. (Cummings and Worley…show more content…
This means that for the sake of being successful, the people of these two countries will not hesitate to sacrifice other things such as family time or leisure time. As for Netherlands, the culture will be otherwise. As for uncertainty avoidance, the Chinese and the British will be more comfortable with ambiguous situations whereas the Dutch have slight preference in avoiding uncertainty. For the Chinese, it is due to the adaptive and entrepreneurial nature that they have. As for the British, it is due to the high individualism and curiosity qualities which they tend to have, leading to high level of creativity and strong need for innovation. In regards to long term orientation, China has shown that the Chinese believe that the truth depends a lot on situation, context and time where they can adapt traditions easily to changed conditions. They also have the strong propensity for savings, investments, thriftiness, as well as the perseverance in achieving

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