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The story begins in Bristol, home town of rich family of sugar merchant and plantation owner. He has two sons and a daughter, Nancy Kington, with his wife who sadly passed away after she gave birth to Nancy. At first we get to know the family and we hear about Nancy's childhood. She was always at home with their servant Robert, as her family was away, she found other kids to play with, so she became friends with a boy named William. William was the same age as her therefore they played all the time. As they grew up they slowly developed feelings for each other. One day William found out that he has to go on a ship of Nancy's father and sail to Jamaica. He always wanted to become a sailor, but Nancy spotted something smelly in this deal and right after the ship left the harbour she found out that the ship was a slave ship. She felt so bad for William, but there was nothing she could do about it. After some years…show more content…
The Brazilian found out about that so, so now he was looking on the sea too. Pirates hurried up to New York, where they sold the old ship and bought a new one so The Brazilian couldn't find them. Minerva and Nancy enjoyed pirate life even thou they had to work just as much as men and were treated like them. One evening a huge storm came around with strong wind and it was really close for the ship to sink down to the bottom of the sea. Luckily they survived. As a celebration of survival they stopped in a small harbour, where they were spotted by marines which took them to their ship and locked them at the bottom of the ship. Nancy saw that William was with marines and she met with him in private. They still had feelings for each other. After the meeting Minerva and Nancy were moved away from the rest of the crew, because they were women. After a few days, captain of the marine ship made a mistake and the ship sank, Nancy took her last bits of energy and saved some of the pirates, but some were left

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