Potato Tuber Lab Report

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From the above graph (Fig. 1), the change in tissue mass percentage for the damaged tissue of the potato tuber increases as the sucrose solution concentration increases, there were more positives at concentrations 0.15 mol/L (7.3%), 0.20 Mol/L (6.8%), 0.25 Mol/L (3.02%) ,0.3 Mol/L (2.65%), 0.35 Mol/L (2.84%) and 0.50 Mol/L (3.69%) respectively. For the young tissue, the % change in tissue mass decreases as sucrose concentration increased. At 0.25 Mol/L (-0.6%), 0.3 Mol/L (-1.15%), 0.35 Mol/L (4.6%) and 0.5 Mol/L (-9.5%) the values are negative for the young tissue’s change in % tissue mass, the positives were found in 0.15 Mol/L (5.5%) and 0.20 Mol/L (3.2%) respectively. For the old tissue, the % change in tissue mass for the old tissue…show more content…
Mainly because water moves downwards in a concentration gradient (Taiz and Zeiger, 2010). When a tissue of a plant is exposed to hypotonic solution, a solution that has lower osmotic pressure than another solution (O’leary, 1970) or in biological terms it is a solution that has less solute and more water than another solution (Wiebe et al., 1970), the plant tissue tends to lose water and its mass declines. For this experiment, the young, old and damaged potato tubers were used to measure how much water potential each potato tuber has by exposing the potato tubers in different increasing concentrations of sucrose…show more content…
Firstly the concentrations of sucrose solutions were measured out using a graduated cylinder of 100mL. Although accuracy was of high importance, there was still room for error. A burette could be used next time to measure the concentrations, because a burette is a lot more accurate than a measuring cylinder. Secondly when the potato chip was removed from the solution and dabbed dry to remove any liquid on the surface this may not have been done the same way on every potato chip. On some chips, more liquid may have been removed than others therefore affecting the mass of the potato chip. A more accurate and uniform way of drying or removing any excess liquid on the chips would need to be looked into next time to make sure that exact and more reliable results are obtained. To make this experiment even more accurate and reliable, if there were more people in each group then each person could be have been assigned to a certain task and that task could be done to a much higher level of accuracy. It would also mean that less experimentally unexpected errors might occur as each task will not be as rushed and the level of accuracy is

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