Essay On Telling Truth

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Can telling the truth make you well? Telling truth is a wonder drug. Tell and be well. One study demonstrated that participants could purposefully reduce their everyday lies considerably, and that in turn could improve mental and physical health. In addition, they could reduce stress, anxieties and even depression, in certain cases. One very reason is that when we lie or cheat, we hold a stressful secret. Our brain feels it burden of dirty laundry and does not like to carry the load to hold the secret. Women less than men keep the secret for long. A lie-teller actively suppresses many things including: the truth, internal monitoring of moral compass, social norms, fear of consequence, and consideration of others’ interest. For people engaged…show more content…
We lie all the time as a part of getting along socially. Everyone lies. Lying is pervasive. Harmless lies escape our attention. We lie in the lap of immense intelligence, we discern justice, and we deny the truth. Like heroin, cocaine, or sex, lying is an addiction. A liar admits as a liar, but a liar who does not admit as a liar is a damn liar. A state of truth-twisting, distortion and plain falsehood are on the air everywhere. Everyone lies. Lie is hidden in the open sight -- all around us, just not named. Also sometimes, it is dangerous to be right when all others are wrong. That some whistle-blowers meet with death threat or actual death is as common. Where everyone is wearing rhinestone, you do not notice someone wearing a diamond. Where lie is bliss, it is folly not to lie. As a matter of fact people more readily swallow lies than truth. At times, lies are helpful, a survival strategy to keep relationship, save marriage and alike. Lying is essential to life as air and water. Some experienced lair lie with authority others without. During election season politicians parade a web of lies, falsehoods and unworkable promises. In dogmatic domain, Upper House, Lower House, House of Commons, House of Representatives, House of Congress are all: house of lies. These lies are blue lies, important ones. There are then sky blue lies -- by fundamentalists’ point of view characterized by a return to fundamental principles
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