Cause And Effect Of Online Gaming Addiction

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Online gaming addiction affects teenager’s physical health Report by: Lim Win Sheng of class 2E6 Research mentor: Ms Sarala Devi Abstract This report is about online gaming addiction in teenagers and it shows how online gaming addiction affects the physical health of teenagers. Playing computer games is beneficial to cope with the stress in school in the short run but in the long run, it can show sign and symptoms of addiction and teenagers can be addicted to online games. Content 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Main Body 1 2.1 Sub-topic 1 2.2 Sub-topic 2 3.0 Main Body 2 3.1 Sub-topic 1 3.2 Sub-topic 2 4.0 Survey Result And Analysis 5.0 Further Development 6.0 Conclusion and Recommendation 7.0 Reference List 8.0 Appendix (surveys and extras)…show more content…
It also interferes with teenager’s pursuit of other goals, such as wanting to get good grades or wanting to be a leader of a sports team. Online gaming addiction also refers to overuse of online game. Studies estimate that 10-15 percent of gamers show signs that meet the criteria for online gaming addiction. There is also increasing evidence that people of all ages, especially teenagers, are facing problems or, sometimes severe consequences, due to the compulsive and excessive use of online games. Just like gambling, teenagers can become so hooked in the gaming world that he start to neglect his family, friends and studies. Due to modern technology, games these days are becoming more advanced and detailed, which attracts teenagers into playing them and being addicted to them, which then causes teenagers to rather play the latest released games than hang out with friend or…show more content…
Teenagers who are addicted to the game world have lost the ability to comfortably communicate with others face to face. They have spent so much time into computer games and communicating through online that it makes it difficult for them to deal with people in real life. A solution to quit online gaming addiction would be seeking help from a therapist or treatment programme that specializes in adolescents such as a camp which would put the teenager into the real world where he would face reality other than his virtual world. His time would be filled with activities that would build up his confidence and communicating

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