Cause And Effect Essay On Radiation

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Radiations is a form of high energy and it travel through a medium or space. They are usually of two distinct types including ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. In common practice the word radiations is used to describe ionizing radiations. They are called ionizing radiations because they have enough energy to penetrate into an atom of the body. The path of these radiations is straight line in all possible directions from its origin. Both types of radiations are harmful to organisms and human being. Today in modern world, man has created a number of devices which serves as the source of radiations. From nuclear weapons to home use instruments we are surrounded by radiations. Even the cooking instrument microwave oven also produce radiations. All these have increased the risk of radiation exposure on human body and made it more vulnerable to lethal radiation impacts. Radiation cause the ionization of atoms. Human body is made of trillions of atoms and this ionization due to radiations can leads to cancer. The chance of ionization radiations causing cancer depends upon the dose of radiations which are absorbed by the human body and their sensitivity. The possible sources…show more content…
There are number of radioactive materials scattered in the urban areas like nuclear reactors, radiation centers, microwave ovens, radars, wireless communication and television transmitters are the main source of indoor-outdoor radiations posing a great threat to health. The most dangerous form of radiations is gamma rays that can lead to acute radiation poisoning and even the death. Whereas the alpha particles can damage the lungs leading to the risk of cancer. The radiations damage can be of two types: somatic damage and genetic damage. In somatic damage, body cells are damaged which alters the characteristics of organisms. Genetic damage affect the reproductive cells leading genetic

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