Catholic Views On Abortion

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An ethical issue is defined as a topic which is debated upon depending on an individual’s morals, therefore, there actually is no definite solution or there are many different solutions to the issue. Abortion, which is the premeditated ending of life within the womb, and is completed during the first 28 weeks, is seen as an ethical issue as it is a highly-debated matter not only in the past but in today’s world. The Catholic Church has a strong viewpoint on this issue – they are against. They hold this perspective due to many Catholic Social Teachings, especially through Human Dignity, Solidarity and our Rights and Responsibilities. The Catholic Church’s viewpoint is shared within my own family, and with myself especially. We as Catholics also…show more content…
God has blessed an individual with life and this should be protected at all times and cherished. This is shown in the Holy Bible, through Genesis 1:27 , Jeremiah 1:5 and Galatians 3:28 . Pope Benedict XVI also supports the Catholic Church’s perspective on his quote about the sacredness of children and life especially , and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops have stated that the act of abortion is “gravely immoral” . The Catechism of the Catholic Church also describes how from the moment of conception, God has granted everyone the gift of life and as others have stated, should be treated with the most respect entitled to it . The Catholic Church also teaches importance of Solidarity, which actually means that through our dependency on each other, we are unified and solid. Through the Catholic Social Teaching of Solidarity, the Catholic Church strongly believes that we all need to unite as one and make it our moral duty to help others – to seek the common good, and the common good is to not abort our children. This is mentioned in the Holy Bible, for example in 1 Peter…show more content…
My whole life I have been brought up to value God and the Catholic faith above all, and to treasure and honour my family, as it is seen commonly in the Samoan Culture. From personal experience, a girl in my family fell pregnant at a young age, but due to our strong beliefs against Abortion, she kept her baby. Although my family share these beliefs, I know other Samoan families in which they pressure their child to have an abortion, and the main factors would be because of shame, disgrace, or maybe they simply cannot afford another child. This is how my culture and family view the issue of

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