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Currently, being a team member of Wells Fargo, I chose to use my organization for this project. Wells Fargo, founded in 1852 has a rich history of serving the financial needs of the communities it is a part of. Wells Fargo was established to help meet the needs of the customer base in California during the gold rush, by its founders Henry Wells and William Fargo. Today the organization has a presence throughout the entire country and worldwide. With over 260,000 team members and more than 80 business lines there is a strong ability to meet all of their customer’s financial needs. The company is organized into several business units, of which community banking is one and I am a part of this unit. The focus of this project will be specific to…show more content…
Reporting to Carrie are four regional bank executives that lead the teams across the United States. Each regional bank executive has a number of regional presidents reporting to them, with area presidents reporting to the regional presidents. An area president leads a number of district managers and from there the district managers lead a number of store teams. Each store team consists of a store manager leading the entire store team and a service manager that leads the teller team. As an organization that impacts the communities it is a part of, our vision and values are of high importance. Wells Fargo has produced a vision and values brochure for over the last 20 years, it has been a large part of our culture to live the vision and values every day. Our vision centers on “We want to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially”. This vision is clear in that it’s not about selling products and services and pushing things onto our customers, rather finding their needs and matching the services to meet that need. In achieving this, our customers will establish lifelong relationships and all stakeholders…show more content…
Email communication, alert pages and messenger articles are utilized to disseminate important information within time frames appropriate to the urgency. Many departments work closely together to ensure that information communicated is delivered to all appropriate audiences and any unforeseen consequences of change are considered. With all of the moving parts of an organization the size of Wells Fargo it’s important to ensure that team members are engaged and happy to be at work. For several years Wells Fargo has used a survey process to measure the engagement level of their team members. Through the annual survey process, team members have the ability to let their voice be heard by participating. Once the data has been captured, the third party vendor supplies the results to senior

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