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On Tuesday, September 22nd, Pope Francis arrived in Washington D.C. and by September 23rd, he went forth into the United States of America with the intentions of making a religious impact. Inevitably, he also made an immense impact on politics and could potentially impact the presidential election in November. 78.2 million Americans identify as catholic, and Pope Francis has the full support of 63% of the catholic population. President Obama welcomed Pope Francis into Washington D.C., an honor that isn’t given to many foreign visitors to the United States, immediately upon his arrival, and on September 23rd, the White House hosted a ceremony in his honor. Following the pope’s welcome into America was a papal parade, and after that, the Junipero Serra Canonization Mass. After many ceremonies introductions, Pope Francis rose early the morning of September 24th and delivered his first speech to the senate and house of representatives at 10:00 a.m. He stressed that although he is a catholic, that “a delicate balance is required to combat violence perpetrated in the name of a…show more content…
When visiting the 9/11 memorial, he took much of his time to comfort the family members involved in the tragedy. When the day came to a close, Pope Francis celebrated Mass at the Madison Square Garden. Afterwords, he visited the Our Lady Queen of Angels school, a catholic school with a diverse population of minority students, and there he stressed the importance of searching for new opportunities and spreading the love of Jesus. As he closed his speech, he gave the kids some out-of-school homework: “It is just a little request, but a very important one. Please don't forget to pray for me, so that I can share with many people the joy of Jesus. And let us also pray so that many other people can share the joy like

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