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Voluntary abortion is defined as “the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy”. Although it is a very simple term, abortion is a topic that creates a lot of controversy around the world because of diverse reasons. Many groups of people and individuals have different views and opinions about abortion, like the Catholic Church and myself. For some people aborting is wrong, while for others it isn't, but not necessarily aborting is wrong or right, it just depends on the judgment and moral of each person. The first view in which my and the Catholic Church's opinion differ about this complex topic is that abortion is always considered murder. The Catholic Church considers that voluntary abortion is always wrong…show more content…
For the Catholic Church every woman who aborts is advertising the act of abortion and making society feel more comfortable with it. Also, she is encouraging other people to commit the same sin and other sins as well. I also think that a woman who aborts is making society believe that it is something common, while it is not, but I don´t believe that she is encouraging others to commit the same sin. When a woman aborts she suffers a lot of consequences. Abortion is a complex procedure that can lead to diverse complications, therefore not many woman do it because they don´t want to suffer as the women who abort…show more content…
Human life is precious to God, and the Catholic Church believes that abortion promotes the message that life is not so valuable, and that men can do whatever they wants with it. It considers that it pushes society closer to that day in which inoffensive people will be murder for no reason. But, I don't believe that when a woman aborts she thinks that human life is not important. On the contrary, there are many cases in which women decide to abort because they know that they are not capable of fulfilling the needs of the baby and they will not able to give that baby up for adoption because of how much they will emotionally suffer. They value human life so much that they decide to abort just to save the creations of God from

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