Muggle Astronomy Research Paper

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Section A: Astronomy is the study of Celestial bodies such as planets, starts, galaxies, comets, meteoroids and asteroids. Muggle Astronomy focuses on understanding the universe. The muggle study of Astronomy can help us understand humanity's place in the universe and how and why we came to be. In addition, studying Astronomy can help build knowledge of other areas of science such as physics and geology and thus improve our understanding of our own planet. For example, understanding the atmospheres of other planets particularly Venus can show us what will happen if the runaway greenhouse effect goes too far. Wizarding Astronomy however uses the positions and movements of planets, constellations, comets etc. to enhance potion making and spell casting. Branches of Divination such as Astrology use the study of the positions of celestial objects to predict the future. Furthermore, how Astronomy is studied varies between Muggles and Wizards. While there are some similarities such as the use of telescopes, wizards tend to rely on older muggle technology like only using visible light telescopes. Muggles however seem more advanced in this aspect as they not only use visible light telescopes but light from other regions of the spectrum too like infra red, microwaves and UV. Furthermore, muggles send satellites and space craft too other planets to gather data and have even sent humans. Muggles and wizards both use Astronomy but for different reasons and by different means.…show more content…
Venus- Venus has no moons, almost 97% of Venus's atmosphere is Carbon Dioxide Earth- Earth is the only known planet to support life, 70% of Earth is covered in salt water. Mars- Mars is the closest planet to Earth, there is significant evidence to suggest that there were once large oceans on

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