1.1 Explain The Importance Of Communication

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To be able to successfully empower families; the key essentials are to include the parents in their child’s development, while ensuring that communication; open honesty and moral support is provided during this triumph. No matter the role in this situation, being an active and reflective listener is important to promote and practice positive communication skills. It is vital to gain these skills to enhance stable and satisfactory relationships. Children need to be given the chance to build their ideas by dreaming, touching, feeling and constructing their own ideas which will cause the development of the child to feel connected and apart of the world around them. To do this, parents and teachers need to allow the children to explore the world around them, and avoid situations in which the child will be constantly told negative remarks of “Don’t touch” and “Stop!” etc. Children need to be given permission to explore their limits while ensuring it is child safe and age appropriate. As it is important to explore healthy…show more content…
For parents who do not have a higher education or positive experience in a school setting, they may find the education system and school intimidating; therefore, it’s important to shed positive lighting on these institutions by inviting the parents to different school events so they can become familiar and involved with their child’s development. It is vital for parents and teachers to be partners in this education process. To be able to create and sustain family connections with the school, parent engagement in programs of development and trust building between parents, school, and staff is highly

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