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Case study Life Line Gym I belong from very middle class society and live in Sabzazar. We are 3 brothers and we have our own home which is blessing for us. My elder brother Ehtesham is just middle pass and start working at my father’s friend shop as a salesman. My younger brother Afham did matric only because of my parents pressure my parents have very expectation’s from me so I have done my B.COM from Punjab College in 2012. I got a job of junior accountant with the reference of my father in that firm and my salary was PKR. 13,000 only which only meet my petrol and food expense because I have to travel daily about 16 to 18 kilometer from my home Samnabad to Badami bhag salary of my brother was 8000 thousand only and Afham was free he just…show more content…
Ehtesham is a very simple person like he is not that much intelligent but he is hardworking after working 4 to 5 years in market Ehtesham realizes that he should start he is own business so he started the business of PINK SLIM TEA which helps losing the weight Ehstesham becomes the authorized dealer of Pink SLIM TEA sale of product was good and Ehtesham was doing that business alone while I was doing job. After one year of Ehtesham’s business our financial position was started getting better Ehtsham was having a good profit form the PINK SLIM TEA business. We are only 3 brothers we use to have dinner together as I saw the growning business of Ehtsham I talk to my father and Ehtsham that I don’t want to do the job there is no career growth here I will the job of 20 to 30 thousand all my life and I want to start my business they asked me what do you want to do Ehtsham was very supportive brother as well Afham so at that dinner table I decide to start a business and leave my job I resigned next day and left the job. I used to be very skinny so I joined the…show more content…
As the customer increase we have to expand the place so we shifted the gym near to old one and we got a bigger place now we have a good number of customers we can afford the bigger place. Ehstham also open the office of PINK

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