Behind Beautiful Forevers

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For my book review I read the book, behind the beautiful forevers, written by Katherine Boo. This book takes a look into the lives of three main characters and how they cope with the daily struggles of living in slums of Mumbai. I believe that the authors main Idea is stated in the title of the book which is actually a metaphor which is depicted in the book. On the walls that separate the rich affluent area of Mumbai from the slum that is setting for this book, there are giant advertisements for floor tiles. The advertisements reads in bold letters “Beautiful Forever” as it describes the floor tile which only the upper class can afford. Behind these walls and away from the eyes of the upper class and the tourist the slums of Mumbai are hidden.…show more content…
Abdul and his family are beginning to see add success to the recycling work, and their neighbors begin to become jealous. Their next door neighbor Fatima is the major protagonist. Fatima is a one legged prostitute that due to her situation is forced to service men in the presence of her children. Given her situation and given form of income Fatima is a bitter women. I an attempt to profit from Abduls families’ new wealth, Fatima make false allegations that Abdul and his father assaulted her. Given the corruption that exists Fatima knows that Abdul and his family will have to choice to pay her to recant her statement, and the police to drop the case. Asha, as the slumlord of Annawadi begins to become entrenched in the never ending despair of the slum. She acts as the mediator of civil disputes and tries to help keep peace in the community. She believes that people in higher places will see her effort and it will pay off in the end. Meanwhile, Asha arranges a marriage for Manju to a solider from the north with an affluent family and a well-paying career. Manju believes this is what she needs to better herself as well and jumps at the
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