Medicaid Expansion

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Author Andrews (2014) outlines the racial disparity resulting from Supreme Court’s decision to allow states to have an option of refusal for Medicaid expansion in her article “Unintended Consequences: Medicaid Expansion and Racial Inequality in Access to health Insurance.” She uses nationwide statistics provided by different studies to provide confounding evidence on how nonexpansion states are contributing to racial inequality rather than a racial unification. Andrews advocates the expansion and even suggested for states to take a compromise. Affordable Care Act have started an evolution within the health care system. One of its main agendas is to expand Medicaid. Medicaid is basically an insurance program for citizens who has low income.…show more content…
Health & Social Work, 39(3), 131-133. doi:10.1093/hsw/hlu024 Professional Critique Andrews provided a well written article that is supported by multiple resources ranging from nationwide studies to other peer-reviewed articles. Her article was well organized in a chronological order for readers to gain understanding of how everything works from the implementation of ACA. Personal Response Andrews gave me a whole new view on the trickle effects of the Medicaid expansion. I was always a firm believer or Medicaid expansion because it could provide aid towards people below the federal poverty line but she showed me how nonexpansion states could affect the nation monetarily but also socially. ACA and Medicaid was about equally providing health care insurance for everybody but the ruling of a state option seemed contradictory for their main goal. I understand her promotion of equality to all but I also understand that why not every state are willing to participate because they have a lot more people suffering from poverty thus they would need to put more money to implement Medicaid. Her ideas requires a lot of support from different faction of the society but the end game could provide a better

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