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The study for cosmetology is very important due to the practices and procedures that are mandatory to learn before entering the field of your choice which is why the person in this position should choose the ideal college of their choice. Usually it takes around four years to earn a complete bachelor degree when becoming a cosmetologist. Everything in this role depends on what you would like to do and where you would like to go. Training can be in as little as eight months or two years depending on what you pursue. Some of the major cosmetologist schools are Regency Beauty Institute with over eighty different locations over the U.S., Aveda Institutes with sixty-four,…show more content…
Working as a cosmetologist you are required to choose the environment that suits you best and work from there. Being in the situation, the practices include completing various training programs for several months at a time resulting in getting a certificate of achievement or a degree to later become an actual hairdresser, nail artist, facialist, and much more. Most of workers are a selection of males and females that both do an excellent job in their roles. The age to become a cosmetologist is young to old, as long as you know the material and have a degree you are on your way to be amazing in cosmetology. It is usually required to be outgoing and social when it comes to jobs for beauty in order to fully satisfy customers.…show more content…
In my belief, I will be becoming a cosmetologist or something similar to cosmetology due to my interest in beauty and arts. In the future it is planned for myself to be in many different beauty schooling classes to learn the basics before entering a major cosmetology school. I will be expecting to go through many courses such as practicing cutting hair, dying hair, treating nails, doing pedicures, learning the correct procedures for spas, and many more. I will possibly be attending classes to learn the basics of this art and how in this generation there are always something new and developing with new job placements opening to help my career. There is a doubt of getting a scholarship due to how inexperienced I may be and there isn’t a way to get recognition for my doing. If I were to attend for example, the Milan Institute of Cosmetology, the cost would be based on what courses there are available to the position I feel that I would take. There is a free service available to help determine eligibility for student financial aid programs, such as grants and scholarships. Locally there are a few schoolings that go along with becoming a cosmetologist such as, C V Beauty College, Milan Institute, and International School of Beauty all located in Palm Desert,

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