Welding Career Research Paper

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Welder Jobs Welders are people who join metal together via the use of various different tools and welding methods. No matter the type of welding being undertaken, intense heat is used in order to create the level of fusion that is required to bond them together. When welding is carried out properly it creates a strong and almost unbreakable joins that can support a large degree of weight. Welding is a generally sought after skill, which means those involved in the field have strong earning potential and career prospects. The following looks at what is needed to prosper as a welder and what you need to successfully pursue a career in the field. Qualifications When it comes to welding, employers will be looking for applicants and employees to have a certain degree of formal training in the field. This is usually gained through one of two means. Apprenticeships allow perspective welders to get qualified while on the job, as through such they will get hands on welding experience. The other means to getting the appropriate qualifications is to obtain a City & Guilds Certificate in Welding, ABC Certificate in Welding, or a BTEC National Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering (Welding and Fabrication). The aforementioned qualifications will allow you to become a certified welder and apply for entry-level roles, but to move on further in the field higher levels of certifications are required. Skills…show more content…
To truly be a skilled welder you need to have an advanced level of manual dexterity, along with notable hand to eye coordination. This is because what will be asked of you during a job will be both intricate and technically advanced. Lastly, it helps if you have knowledge regarding safety procedures and can work unsupervised if asked.

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