Military Law Enforcer Satire

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He had never seen his mother cry his entire life. Oh, she would cry when something made her extremely happy, but never because she was sad. The day that had happened, he made a conscious choice to work harder then everyone to ensure he would never be the cause for her to ever cry because she was sad ever. Unfortunately, he was the cause for her sadness at that moment because it was in a way his fought. Today wasn’t just his birthday. It was the first birthday at their new home. He had just stepped off his school transport and made sure to speak into his AISHA Unit his authorization for a special allotment for his Personal Server and thanked him for his service to him that day. As always his Server thanked him with a respectful bow.…show more content…
These elite troops were normally used to watch over the Planetary Sovereign or when hostile military intervention is warranted. A team fanned out and circled and area just as a very luxurious ship quickly landed on their front real grass lawn. Three people he remembered started moving quickly towards them and they didn’t look happy. These people were three members of The Twelve Leaders of the Hierarchy. When he refused their apologies, the Law Enforcer, his Lead, and the Chief were taken away wearing wrist restraints and their neighbors were pleading with his parents to forgive them their foolishness this once. They were packing to move away as those who were to come to his birthday party were arriving on a Law Enforcer’s shuttle. All Twelve Leaders of the Hierarchy supplied an even larger Separate Allotment Home for the three of them to move into in the following week and all the treats to celebrate his birthday. To further show their remorse for how they were treated by those who did not check the system to see how it was possible for the Peoples Family to live greater than their Levels, his parents were told they would personally see his marriage level would be high due to his outstanding work at

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