Crimson Tide, The Mutiny Scene

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The practice of leadership and power have shown in the movie, “Crimson Tide, The Mutiny Scene”. In order to understand the story, I have watched it full. Basically, the story revolved around the two powerful men boarding in the US Navy Nuclear Submarine, they were given a special task which is to launch the missile against the Russian. However, launching of the said the missiles is still beyond in the control of the National Command Centre. Both of them plays a great role in the mission because the decision of the captain must be concurred with the executive officer. Captain Ramsey and Executive Officer Hunter has its own differences in terms of values, attitudes, beliefs, cultures and leadership style, aside from being white and black…show more content…
There were several emergency action messages received from the higher authority, however, the last two messages created confusion and dispute between the two leaders and the crew of the submarine. The first on the last two messages contained the information on the launching of the missile, but upon launching it another message was received and this time, it was incomplete due to communication interruption. The message was received by EX-O Hunter and passed to Captain Ramsey to ask his opinion on what does the message meant. As I have watched the full movie, I have observed the values of the Captain, he is decisive without taking any consideration. He decided on his own, possessing a dictatorial style of leadership, insensitive with the feelings of his crew. On the other hand, EX-O Hunter is his opposite, he is calm, open-minded, respectful and he is not impulsive in making decisions. When the EX-O received the incomplete message he requested for the delay of the missile launch to give way for the reestablishment of the incomplete message. However, the Captain has been erratic and arrogant upon imposing his authority. The captain yells at the EX-O in front of the crew just to emphasize his power and pride. However, EX-O Hunter still implemented the naval protocol and placed the submarine under his command of

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