Coach Titans Character Analysis Essay

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First, let us discuss the main character which is Coach Herman Boone. Coach Herman Boone, the black head coach is a strict person. He uses strict training to train the football members. He forbade the players to be late. For example, they leave for camp in time at 7:29a.m, if report at 7:30a.m, you will not be playing football. Besides, there is no water break for the players so they can respect all of the players. Coach Boone is a persevere person. To prove this, he never give up when he forced by the white people which act against him to be here when he is appointed to be the head coach. This can say he accept the racial discrimination environment for continue coaching here. He also encouraging the team members to work together rather…show more content…
Coach Boone always motivates his team members. For example, Coach Boone brought members to Gettysburg to let them know hate of race will destroy family. Next, let us discuss another character which is Coach Bill Yoast. Coach Bill Yoast, the white assistant coach is a calm person compared to Coach Boone. He keeps calm in any quarrel and emergency situation. For example, in State Championship Game at Roanoke Stadium, Ronnie Bass plays like a professional football. Although, The Titans goes in at the half trailing 7-0, coach Yoast keeps calm and think straight about the strategic of defence. In the end, The Titans win the game and get a perfect season 13-0. Coach Yoast is a caring person. Coach Yoast willing to be a defensive coordinator, assistant head coach to smooth things over. He gives up the chance to be the head-coaching job at Loudon High. Coach Yoast doesn't want their white kids he had been coaching for a long time to quit and lose their scholarship opportunities. This proved that Coach Yoast cared and loved his team members. Coach Yoast is a not a stingy person because he knows how to share. Coach Yoast shares the experience and some trick plays that they won the city title last year with Coach Boone but Boone do not appreciate what Yoast

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