How Does Steven Spielberg Use Symbols In Saving Private Ryan

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Steven Spielberg's vision for his audience was to provide his most violent film that he had ever made. This was the ground breaking film 1998: Saving Private Ryan. It explores what the men went through to get to a soldier that had lost three of his brothers to the war. He had a free ticket back home to his mom who was devastated in grief. Toplin in his article, Hollywoods D-Day states, “It provides historical interpretations of epic proportions for Americans who had participated in the war or whose parents were intimately connected to it”. (Toplin) This is uncontrolled, dreadful, and filthy combat, it is meant to make the audience appreciate the shocking human cost and catastrophic sacrifice of the Allied beachhead an expense mostly paid by young men. This films shows us how military men stick together to find even one soldier that can be brought home safely.…show more content…
“A religious emblem was adopted for use on government headstones. The religious emblem was first authorized for use at only on the General type stone. The choice of emblem was limited to the Latin Cross for the Christian faith and the Star of David for the Jewish faith”. (Affairs) He stops at a certain cross and solutes it. As he does this he shows respect for the fallen soldier that the cross represents. The camera then goes to his eyes and fades out into a stimulating moment of the film, flashed back to June 6, 1944 on Omaha Beach. The scene goes into soldiers together on ships. Then turns into a bloody massacre. Auster, the author of the article, Saving private Ryan and American triumphalism, tells that this film is , “the most terrifying, realistic thing ever done in the cinema" (Auster) The enemy shoots them before they even make it to shore. They try to save each other, and look to Captain Miller for guidance. One soldiers yells to Captain Miller, “What do we do now Sir”?

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