Team Captain Gerry Bertier's Strengths

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Team Captain, Gerry Bertier was a conscientious authentic person who was steadfast in his beliefs and was not afraid to stand up and act on his values. As an example, when his girlfriend asked him to come with her, he chose to remain with his teammates and did not falter in his commitment. Additionally, Bertier exhibited fairness by defending his decision to cut his friend Ray from the team secondary to his blatant racial prejudice. Defensive player, Julius Campbell was a quiet young man who was a socialized charismatic leader that focused on others rather than himself. Campbell was pivotal in improving relationships between the white and the African American players when he accused the white players of intentionally not blocking for the African American players. The achievements of the Titans would not have been possible without the leadership of Boone, Yoast, Bertier, and Campbell. Each brought a different, yet equally important leadership style to the table that fostered…show more content…
Embracing significant differences influences how an organization builds networking relations and recombines sources, ideas and information that reflect transformation exchange (Ford, 2009). The players came to see themselves as a team and recognized each other’s strengths. The triumph of the Titans required the perspective of many agents and their interaction and cooperation in order for the team to prosper (Burnes, 2004). As the attitudes of the players changed, their environment changed, they began to accept one another, despite race. The outcome of this co-evolution was acceptance and collaboration. As a leader, Coach Boone strived to resolve conflict and catalyzed the breaking down of the walls of division and segregation within the team, which eventually shifted towards acceptance, respect and friendship that radiated throughout the community.

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