Capitalism Equality

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In many modern societies, one of the most strived for economic principles is equality. While capitalism does offer some ideal qualities of the economy, it fails to offer the aspect of equality. Not only does socialism posses this trait, it also offers other aspects that show a greater economic system. Socialism is superior to capitalism in the principles of equality, cooperation, and safety among the people. Furthermore, socialism is built on the foundation of these principles, especially equality As a direct result of socialist societies, the social classes of citizens were abolished. In other words, people who were considered peasants or nobles would receive the same treatment in the economy as one another. For instance, in the workplace each worker will receive identical salaries, depending on the line of work the people are in. Many people argue that people who work harder to get a job will not be rewarded for their efforts. However, what many fail to realize is that in a socialist economy, people can work and train for higher positions in the work place. Even though having equal opportunity in the economy is essential, socialism…show more content…
Additionally, these thinkers speculated that if cooperative practices were used in society, there would be no problems such as poverty. According to an article written by Adam Hersh, there is a global unemployment rate of approximately of 200 million individuals in 2007 and continuing to increase. Although this idea of cooperation is superb, some individuals point out the failed socialist experiment conducted by Robert Owen. The main idea of the experiment was to observe how a utopian society would work out. However, many people did not participate which resulted in the downfall. The key to a successful socialist society is to cooperate with one another, which people in the experiment failed to
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