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LJB's Helper Application, Enjoy ;) IGN- LJB Date of Application- 21st of July 2015 Age- 15 Country- Australia Time Zone- AEST (UTC +10:00) InGame Rank(Mine rank and Donation Rank,only if you have one)- Cyclone and Whirlwind Now Question Time, yay :) 1)Why do you believe you should be part of the staff team for CycloneNetwork? I believe that I should become apart of the staff team on CycloneNetwork because I have been on the server for a very long time, yes I did take a break but as far as i'm aware I only missed a few new mines and some improvements to the donor lounge and token shop I think, so I haven't missed much. I fitted into the community and stayed with it as CycloneNetwork being the first and only server I have purchased…show more content…
I can and am always connected to the forums and able to view, review, post, help and answer questions that arise on the forums almost instantly. I am always on teamspeak when on the server as well as having the attitude ever staff member should have, that being always happy to help and to be approachable. I am also available a lot of the time to come on the server when needed even if it is not shift or designated time to be on as…show more content…
Describe yourself (character, values, maturity, etc.) I would like to add that I am a very reliable person as shown on my real life resume, I am a very mature person for my age and I am told that I act in a mature manner by a lot of people, my values as a person in real life as well as behind a screen include honesty, being polite and well mannered, being respectful, being trustworthy, I have many more but those are my big ones, I also am aware of what can come my way, with being abused in chat and all of that as I get it now whenever I remind people of the rules in chat and get called a mini mod, and get sworn at and the rest of it, I am prepared for what is ahead of me, as well as giving hard hours, effort and energy into this server and I know that I am 100% prepared and ready for what is ahead of

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