Fred Tomaselli's Airborne Event

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Fred Tomaselli, Airborne Event Glillian Rosa-Orama Introduction Fred Tomaselli was born in 1956 in Santa Monica California and spent much of his youth in Orange County California. He had an interesting childhood living close to Disney and was one out of six children. As Tomaselli got older he studied art at Cal State Fullerton. After college he got introduced to new media and performance art, which was the start his career. Due to the changing times Tomaselli decided to stop painting for a short period of time. He later decided to make installations that he believed to be an escape to another reality using drugs in creating his artwork to make a psychedelic effect. During this time he made his paintings handmade. Then in 2005 Fred Tomaselli…show more content…
He also used acrylic paint and resin on wood. (2) (Art Process) When it comes to Fred Tomaselli’s art process, he does not really have one. He just sits there with his materials and lets his mind go to another place. (Subject Matter) In the center of the photo there is a colorful women who appears to not be wearing any clothing. The background is black with multiple patterns consisting of lines and circular shapes. The woman does not have a full head, part of the head appears to be exploded into an array of colors.…show more content…
The exposure of being around people that got high inspired the picture of the exploding head. The colors coming out of the head help show the high one experiences. (3) All of the colorful circles could possibly symbolize the lights of a space ship, because in Tomaselli’s mind he thought the picture to also resemble an alien abduction. The lines going away from the body may be there to show that the body is leaving to another place. It is as if the body was moving through time or space. According to Celia White, she believes that the major idea of the piece of art was escapism. That as the idea of modernism was ending Tomaselli took on more of an obsolete form of art.

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