Dying Monologue

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As a young boy I watched as my organ flowers disappear and I asked myself “will I see them again?” The space was trembling under its weight and I didn’t think anyone would understand how I was feeling. Organ flowers all decayed, and I will see them again. My grandma took me to the doctors to get a check up. Grandma was worried for me, so after my check up the doctor suggested to put me on flower pills. I was dreaming within a dream, talking to myself, awake for days. When I’m awake I have a lot of dreams, when I was out, when I was home. It’s all I did. I also dreamt about things I lost, I think from an early age you have to get used to losing a lot of things because if you don’t things will get really bad for you. You have to get used to letting things go and never getting them back.…show more content…
I imagined it wouldn’t be much different than my waking life. I just wanted to become one with something I didn’t even care if it was the ground because it still would’ve been be the most contact I’ve had all year. If I could I would forget everything, forget how to swim even if it meant I could drown in the sea of uncertainty. This is when I realized what it felt to be sad and there went another appointment with a new
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