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When we die, something is going to happen to us. The hardest question to answer, where will you go and what will take place before that happens? Everyone has their own opinions about the ending destination, but in the end, everyone ends up in a place after going through a particular process depending on their religion and the type of gods they follow. Let’s dig deep into the afterlife of the Egyptians and the Greeks, after which we compare the differences in Gods and other important things. One of the most known ways of the afterlife, are that of the Egyptians. We know from just basic history that Egyptian afterlife includes mummies. How cool are those? However, have a comprehension of how people go from being dead to being wrapped in layers…show more content…
The understanding that we have from the Greek standpoint is from a the first known european literature writer, Homer. Homer composed two epic tales, Iliad and The Odyssey, illustrating the major battle on the Trojan lands, causing the main characters to endure endless struggles and face tribulations. Everything we do know about Ancient Greece afterlife, must give recognition to the rightful owner. “The Greeks believed that at the moment of death the psyche, or spirit of the dead, left the body as a little breath or puff of wind.” The greek gods had their own way to have the spirits join them where they belong. Homer’s epic tales allow us in today’s world to understand the different aspects to the gods and how they decide the journey that one person takes before arriving in the underworld. According to Homer, the underworld is a dark and painful place ran by Hades, brother of Zeus and Poseidon, and his wife reside. The underworld is not depicted to be a happy place, other gods say they would rather be an object than go to the underworld. I guess the underworld is basically a hole, with a fiery pit that never ends. Homer describes someone who makes the journey to the underworld as someone becoming

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