Britney Spears Accomplishments

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Since her glorious return to music with Circus in 2008, Britney Spears has served up three strong albums filled with hits that were simply made for radio play. Some of them such as Britney’s feminist anthem “Womanizer,” her cutting edge “Hold It Against Me,” which introduced dubstep to popular radio (Britney Spears, innovator extraordinaire), and her most recent dance cut “Work Bitch” have received the attention that they so desperately deserved. Britney’s kept fans dancing til the world ends, soaked a lover in perfume, and commanded attention like a ringleader, but she could have done so much more. Other songs, and sadly more tracks fall into this category, remain on albums and have only been heard by Brit’s biggest fans, a true travesty. Now Britney Spears is gearing up to…show more content…
Why it was relegated to the land of bonus tracks, I will never even be able to hazard a guess. “Brightest Morning Star” is an uplifting stunner from start to finish, and seems to be sung to a lover, her sons, or the good lord with the utmost passion and emotion. We’ll never know exactly who the performance is dedicated to, but whoever the lucky person is has guided Britney through particularly difficult times in her life. They’ve been her guiding light to peace and happiness. Britney’s vocals are frankly angelic as she triumphantly soars on the song’s exultant chorus. With brilliant production, the song takes an anthemic approach to sharing a tale of pride and adoration. The pop, gospel, bright sound resonates with joy and purity, and is easily one of the most lightest tracks Britney has recorded in quite some time. With such an uplifting message and striding instrumental, the track could have easily dominated radio and brought a new dimension to Britney’s

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