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No pop music fan can talk over the industry without mentioning her great and famous name. She has arched a niche for herself for her standout performances, catchy songs, and over-the-top fashions she presents in all her public events. The music sensation has produced several songs and albums under her name since 2001 debut. The singer as well a songwriter performs other professional activities like acting as she has appeared in several movies. This work aims at providing information about Katy Perry and her career in music, contributions to the community as well as other activities associated with her. Her Background Katie Perry or Katy Perry as stage names associated with Katherine Elizabeth Hudson who was born in 1984, October 25 in Santa Barbara in California. Kay, currently 31 years, also performs philanthropy works as well as a renowned businesswoman. She has won several awards for her performances including entering into the Guinness World Records with several classes of her performances and actions. Her parents are born again Pentecostal pastors Maurice Hudson and Madam…show more content…
In 2003, Perry transitioned to writing and performing secular music with the help of Glen Ballard. She was signed at the Columbia Records as a solo artist. She was influenced by songwriters Greg Wells, Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and Desmond Child. She recorded songs under the album Simple and her song appeared on the 2005 film The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. She has done background vocals for singles like the Goodbye for Now, video Learn to fly and assisted her then-boyfriend Gym Heroes’ video Cupid’s Chokehold. These preparations as a background support and writing support from expert pop musical enabled her to achieve her musical breakthrough. Her music was also greatly influenced by Madonna’s productions, Truth or Dare (Perry

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