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The Independent Feminist 1. Within the popular music industry, it is rare that one name can top charts for over 30 years. Madonna is the exception. Globally, she is a cultural icon and a force to be reckoned with within her industry. Since her first album drop in 1983 to her upcoming release later this year, this artist continues to prove herself as the ‘Queen of Pop’ and a symbol for feminine empowerment within a male dominated industry. Her raunchy and scandalous, yet iconic persona has inspired listeners for many generations and continues to have a huge impact on popular culture. Within her article, Susan McClary explores the impact Madonna has on American culture and how she achieves success despite her controversial image. McClary uses the phrase “agency in her self-representation” (McClary 1991: 149) in reference to Madonna to claim that…show more content…
According to the artist herself, “While it might have seemed like I was behaving in a stereotypical way… I was in control of everything I was doing” (McClary 1991: 149). Her playful and seemingly foolish exterior is countered by her ability to be a mastermind of popular culture, able to sell millions of records and continually top charts on her own accord. The author continues with, “Madonna is very much in control of almost every dimension of her media persona and her career… She has won and fiercely maintains the right to decide finally what will be released under her name” (McClary 1991: 149). Madonna’s self-reliance allows her to climb the ladder of success without being a slave to the music industry. Throughout her career, Madonna has written many of the songs on her albums individually, or with limited contributions from outside writers. Since the foundations of her career, Madonna uses independence as a common theme for her career choices, her music, and her lifestyle, giving her unencumbered

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