Brain Injury Research Paper

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A lot of individuals who have suffered a brain injury will also have some form of sleep disturbance. In addition, not sleeping well can cause greater anxiety and worsen a person's depression if they have it. In a recent review of sleep disorder studies, researchers discovered that people who have TBI have three times the chances of having a sleep disorder. They learned that about 60 percent of people who have TBI have suffered with being able to sleep. Women, however, had a higher chance of experiencing this than men who had a TBI. It matters little about the severity of the brain injury. Researchers have found that anyone who experienced a TBI from extreme to mild can also run into sleep problems. However, the severity of a person's sleep problems will oftentimes depend on the overall extent and the location that the injury took place. What are some of the common sleep disorders that occur in patients who suffer from TBI? They include: Insomnia Narcolepsy Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome Excessive Daytime Sleepiness…show more content…
Because the internal clock of the brain will often control how people sleep and awaken each day, if they injure their brain, they may throw the body out of whack. They may want to wake up or fall asleep at different times. In addition, it can change the chemicals in the brain that have helped us to fall asleep. If a person injures the brain's mechanism for starting or stopping sleep, it can throw off their sleeping patterns and lead to a condition known as post-traumatic hypersomnia. As a result of this condition, people will often sleep far more hours than what a normal person will

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