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I am writing you regarding few suggestions to achieve a sustained growth for ‘Rock n’ Roll Sushi.’ It has been three years since I am on board with ‘Rock n’ Roll Sushi’ now. As business is thriving, I have learned a lot in terms of how to manage details in the business and the social media and location based technology, which I would like to share in detail. With experiences I have obtained during the past three years, I like to challenge myself to extend my role to senior level of manager role in ‘Rock n’ Roll Sushi.’ Although the food truck craze seems to be over, food truck business actually has a limitless consumption market depending on a manager’s ability to read the current trend in the market. Now is the perfect timing to add new trucks to expand ‘Rock n’ Roll Sushi’ before the city impose new regulations, which will make it more difficult to get permits. I have researched successful food trucks in New York and come up with several strategies on how to rise above the competition and to target a niche market. This is the main reason that the truck in Japantown, I am in charge of, could generate higher daily revenues than other two trucks in different locations. I encourage our…show more content…
Food is not just something to eat. With the constant flux of information and changes, social medias have created a new concept of food as an activity or something to do. You being on the field and make creative new menus will bring the second sensation in ‘Rock n’ Roll Sushi.’ You can closely listen and immediately respond to customers’ need and suggestions so you can keep up with the current trend in the market and make a better plan for the business. I will help you to connect with other food trucks and local businesses to have various events to bring our fans and friends

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