Big Colleges Vs Small Colleges Research Paper

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Large and Small Colleges Learning styles and techniques vary amongst each person. When looking to compare and contrast colleges a person must look at the way they learn best. If they learn more resourcefully and efficiently through a lecture with a huge lecture class, a large college may be more effective for their education strategy compared to a small school, where they would have more interaction with their professor and have more learning opportunities but a smaller classroom size and a more tightknit community. But whether it be large or a small college they each have the same goal, not only to make money off you, but to provide the benefits of graduating and having some degree. Large universities usually provide many academic programs rather than small colleges. They tend to have higher…show more content…
However, the community feel is quite different between large and small schools. Though small colleges don’t offer the same number of programs and majors available at large universities, often do allow more program customization within your degree plan. Large college degree programs are usually more defined, and can’t really be modified. Whereas small schools frequently allow more options within a degree. Plus, you can work with professors and advisers at any time to switch classes or change your program since they aren’t dealing with thousands or students like you would at a large college. As well as in a small college, students often get a greater chance to know many of the other students on campus over time, since their aren’t as many like in a large college . Furthermore, you can get to know many of student’s professors and other faculty through activities, classes or departments of the college either in a large or small college campus. Even though at a large university, you couldn't possibly get to know everyone. Your community is often more your roommates, frat or sorority group, program peers and circle of

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