Bowling For Columbine

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A closer look at one of Michael Moore's Oscar-winning documentary. In Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore has made several points, but there were bits of information poorly presented or not up to date noted by David T. Hardy. A few of the topics Michael Moore has shown to fall short of true are as followed: A south park animation with an inadequate portrayed version of U.S. history, missing facts on a six-year-old girl being shot by a six-year-old boy, and a few differences between America and Canada's safety. Michael Moore did make an Oscar-winning documentary, However, he did not show the whole story. To begin with, In Bowling for Columbine, the cartoon has depictions that turn out to be false, based on the facts David T. Hardy points…show more content…
Moore says "look at what I, a foreign citizen, was able to do at a local Canadian Wal-Mart ...That's right, I could buy as much ammunition as I wanted, in Canada." From this Moore paints the picture of poor gun control in Canada, yet Hardy Explains how this was is wrong with the help of Canadian officials, “ Canadian law has since, 1998, required ammunition buyers to present proper identification. Since Jan. 1, 2001” The officials also explain foreigners must provide an importation licences, and how the sale in the video must have been faked or Illegal (Hardy, Section 6,7). Michael Moore points out some real, raw numbers of gun homicides in the US in comparison to other countries. The numbers show other countries including Canada ranging at low 39 to around 381, whereas, America is at 11,127. hardy agrees these are Real raw numbers. On the contrary, rates and raw numbers have a significant difference because rates pertain to the average, a more current situation whereas not raw numbers are a collective whole of the past and now. Moore points out that Canadians do not lock their doors and Americans do, making it seem as if it is a safer place, Yet Hardy states“ Canada has over twice the rape rate of the U.S, and about a quarter higher burglary rate”(Hardy, Section 6,7). Given all the facts and evidence David T. Hardy presents. Canada is not how Moore makes it

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