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Blues Music Assignment Lau Seiuli Year 10 Music Miss Matthews 14/09/2015 TASK ONE: Choose an instrumentalist or singer, who you like and admire, who is known for his/her Blues style. What is it about this musician that you like? Why? For my assignment, I have chosen Billie Holiday as my musician. I have chosen her because I find her music style admirable. I have watched and listened to one of her most famous songs, ‘Strange Fruit’ and I found that piece to be not only beautiful, but also raw. It comes to my knowledge that the song was in fact a poem, not written by Holiday but the way she converted the poetry into a musical piece and the way she performed it, it had me covered in goosebumps. To me, her most admirable trait…show more content…
She grew up in Baltimore, a place which was known to be a jazz-oriented area. In her early teenage years, she underwent an apprenticeship by singing along to records of hit musicians of her day, such as Bessie Smith or Louis Armstrong in jazz clubs. After her shift with her mother to New York City, Holiday made her singing debut in Harlem nightclubs, gaining her stage name - Billie Holiday - from screen star Billie Dove. It is said that Holiday had never been through vocal training or any sort of musical training, even to the point where she actually couldn’t read music. Although she didn’t undergo any training, she was quite eager to learn more and more of jazz music as she was moved from club to club, gaining knowledge and tips. There would also be occasions where she would sing with the accompaniment of a house player, and other occasions, she would sing with a group of…show more content…
She was noticed by record producer, John Hammond who produced her first record as part of a studio group led by American jazz and swing artist, Benny Goodman. Holiday’s career started to peak in 1933 when she recorded four sides that later went on to become hits, including “Miss Brown to You” and “What a Little Moonlight Can Do.” These records settled her, her own recording contract. Holiday recorded master tracks that would ultimately become number one in America, creating a building block for early American jazz

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