Midsummer Night's Dream Vs. Aladdin

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Now analyzing the elements in comedy in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, the thought comes across one's mind, How does Midsummer Night's Dream compare to Aladdin? Good question. Although it doesn't follow all the same elements, Aladdin still use the following elements; Mistaken Identity, Killjoy, kissing, cross dressing, dramatic view of marriage, wedding at the end, jokes and puns, elevation, happy ending, reconciliation, food and drink, and social disorder. Though the two do not follow the same plot, they're more similar than people think. In Disney's Aladdin, a "street rat" named Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine, who after running away from her palace ends up in trouble for giving a child an apple without paying for it. After being chased by the royal guards, Aladdin finds out Jasmine's real identity and is thrown in a dungeon where he meets Jafar, the…show more content…
The first element is mistaken identity. When Aladdin stumbles upon Jasmine, he does not realize she is actually the princess who has escape from her father but as a commoner like him. He helps Jasmine and instantly falls heads over heels for the princess. After finding out that she's a princess, sees his chance to be with her is futile. Another mistaken identity is in the dungeon with Jafar. Aladdin mistakes Jafar as an elder man not as the royal Vizier to the Sultan. Aladdin follows Jafar out of the cave to find this mysterious lamp, not knowing it is a magical lamp that contained a Genie inside. After being trapped inside of the cave, Aladdin uses the Genie to escape the cave and uses his first wish of being transformed into a prince. Aladdin then tricks his way into the palace under the false existence of Prince Ali or Ababwa. Jasmine eventually figures out that "Prince Ali" is the boy from the market but still believes that he is indeed a prince. Another mistaken identity is Abu transformed into an elephant, but we're not going to get into

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