Bowling Columbine Symbolism

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Joseph M. Boggs and Dennis W, Petrie stated that a good story is very subjective matters. However, there are some component people can think of. According to Joseph M. Boggs and Dennis W, Petrie story should be logically bonded in order to be good story. The story of movie Bowling Columbine is very logical. It shows a cause of problems and effects. For example, the boy who shot one of his classmate was always left alone at home because his parents always working remotely. The kid also would have found gun very easily like many American family’s house. Therefore, it have happened. The Bowling Columbine is very credible. The movie was generally based on the incident that actually happened. For example, Moore provided actual numbers and years…show more content…
It is like first impression of the movie. For the movie, people cannot guess what would be the main theme by looking at the title unless people who are familiar with the Columbine incident. However, people can know why a word bowling was on the title. Joseph M. Boggs and Dennis W, Petrie stated that “it is essential to become aware of the special nature of symbolic communication in film.” There are couple of symbols in the movie such as a gun. In the beginning, guns are not symbolized as evil, yet. People were training themselves to protect their family. Guns were seems good by this point. However, gun was symbolized as evil object by showing accident occurred by guns. In a same way, the media often try to symbolize black people as troublesome by keep showing bad thing about them. According to the book, The Art of Watching Films, “A story in which every object, event, and person has an abstract (as opposed to merely concrete) meaning is known as an allegory.” (Boggs and Petrie, 58) Bowling for Columbine also contains some allegories. As we are exposed to many interview about Columbine school shooting, people seems to know what was the motivation of shooting. However, Moore never showed us or provide for

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