Surveillance In 1984

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When one walks out the front door into the real world, how aware and conscious are they of how often they are watched, tracked, and monitored? Everywhere one goes, they have their lives monitored and watched. Most people believe society needs electronic surveillance in order to protect them. Others say they don’t need any type of surveillance in their life and worries about it invading their privacy. With today’s ever growing technology, there is little one can do to ensure some privacy in a normal, everyday life. In 1984, George Orwell portrays a world where democracy is destroyed and is runned by a totalitarian government. The people of Oceania are being monitored 24/7. "Ear trumpets for listening through keyholes! My little girl brought one home the other…show more content…
Even children are trained to spy on their parents. The growth of surveillance has grown rapidly, where privacy isn’t important anymore. The people are in constant fear because anything they do can result in a severe punishment. Electronic surveillance is presenting numerous issues such as violates people’s privacy, and electronic surveillances brings fear to the people in public. CCTV is important to our society. Safety is the main purpose of using CCTV. Safety is the state of being secure and free from danger. Many people would give up their privacy for safety. Two years ago, there was a huge tragic event that happened in Boston. there was a bombing that killed three spectators and wounded more than 100 people. In the article The Rise of CCTV Surveillance in the US by Kate Dailey states, “From footage totalling hundreds of hours, investigators singled out the two men from a sea of marathon spectators,
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