Book Of Mark Essay

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By popular opinion, the book of Mark would be memoirs of the life of Jesus. On the contrary, a biography usually would start by saying where did he came from or where he was born. Burridge state in his book, the book of Mark opens directly and uncompromising. Unambiguously, he uses the term “Christ,” somewhat as a title or as someone anointed and called for a particular assignment. On the other hand, Paul uses the same term as a last name or a family name. Paul, who according to scholars wrote years earlier than any other N.T. manuscript. Perhaps, the writer of Mark does not see the need of the preliminaries and is not compelled of the nativity nor of the human origin. Furthermore, he does mention Jesus’ progenitor when he introduce him as being the Son of God. Burridge describes Jesus in this portion of the book as a Lion; in fact, he uses the stories of C S Lewis and his character Aslan, and shows similarities of Lewis’…show more content…
Burridge mentions the term “Historic Present.” When telling a story, Mark mixes the present when narrating a story in past time. Perhaps, this style of telling the story in present time was something that his audience was accustom to. In addition, Mark uses several techniques in his writings when telling the story throughout his Gospel; this one in particular is used 151 times according to Burridge. On the other hand, in the first part of the Gospel, Mark tells stories after stories connecting them with transitional words like “and,” he also uses “immediately,” that is to say that the ministry of the Son of God was a fast pace moving ministry. Mark’s writings style is epigrammatic and goes direct to the point, he prefers solid concepts for the reader to follow along with out the vague part of the story. He also uses the “Sandwich technique,” also called the Markan sandwich. This method is used mostly in the first part of the account. In which the writer uses two related events, which wraps a non-related
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